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Visit the Vintage Halloween Store featuring old-fashioned Halloween items from vintage style chenille figures to cutout ornaments and cards to our signature noisemaker rattles--they're Spooktacular! Check out the banner at right for the Fab-BOO-lous Boo Box Vintage Style Halloween Subscription Boxes! We were featured in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine in the October/November 2014 issue. Also, we've been featured in the past in the Woman's Day 2010 Halloween special issue and in the October 2010 Smart Computing issue. 2 noisemakers from our vintage collection were featured in Country Home Magazine, in the October '07 issue in a section on vintage Halloween collectibles. And more collectibles in the October '08 issue of Collectors News! SHOP/PURCHASE HERE ON OUR WEBSITE! 2018 Items Now Available! Lots of great items for your Halloween parties and your tricksters and spooksters!

Members of the Press, Party Planners, Teachers & Librarians:

I've got a super Halloween Press Essentials Kit of ready made items you can use to spiff up your stories, profiles, parties and projects! Press kit essentials include: Spooky Halloween Fun Facts, Old-Time Halloween Party Ideas, and a great fall recipe. For more information about my consulting and collection, e-mail me here.

"When you hear the owls hooting,
Get your jack o' lantern out,
Put on your shroud and hurry,
For ghosts should be about."

Hallowe'en, or the more modern Halloween, is a truly magical holiday, full of tricks and treats, costumed revelers, spooky "haunted" houses, and ghosts and witches and bats oh my! Over the years, many collectible vintage items were created, that today collectors are snapping up at antique stores and on eBay and Bonanza. The nostalgia of yesteryear that is associated with taking part in a Halloween parade, bobbing for apples, and playing fortune games is being rediscovered. Our passion for collecting Halloween memorabilia is in many ways more than just a rediscovery of childhood fun and games. It is a reaffirmation that whatever fate the mirror has in store for us, we can indulge in the festive spirit and frolic that has engulfed this timeless holiday, letting reality slip away for a time to be rekindled another day.

With hundreds of items to suit your party needs, bedazzle yourself in the Vintage Halloween Store and check out our 2018 party line.

Halloween has an intriguing history, with many diverse contributions to what has become our modern day celebration. How did the jack o' lantern come about? What was the origin of trick or treating? For the answers to these mysterious ponderings and more, read about the interesting symbols of Halloween and get some links to other websites with Halloween histories. Learn about collecting vintage Halloween and find sources for research in Collecting. View a pictorial collection of Vintage Collectibles and check out modern Vintage Style Collectibles. We'll treat you with Spooktacular Party Ideas (Updated! with vintage style party ideas and images!) and we'll haunt you with links to other bewitching websites!

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